best chainsaws for cutting firewood

The Most Effective Chainsaws For Reducing Fire Wood

If you’re reducing your own fire wood in your yard, you’ll require a top quality chainsaw to get the most effective possible cut. That’s where we come in. We’ve spent hrs looking into and evaluating best chainsaws for cutting firewood. In this article, we’ll be describing our findings, and also checking out simply what it requires thought about a terrific chainsaw for firewood. The best power saw for cutting firewood is the Oregon CS300-R7 because of how very easy and effective it is to use, along with its self-sharpening system.

The Best Power Saw For Fire Wood

Locating the perfect chainsaw with all the best features is key for choosing something you like. This area of the post reviews several of the very best on the market. You’ll desire something light-weight with a good battery life as well as an effective motor and also a great blade. Below is a checklist of the 5 best power saws for reducing firewood which you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Oregon Cordless CS300-R7

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This lightweight power saw is very easy for anybody to use at work. Weighing in at only 13 extra pounds, it is a cinch to lug it around. Regardless of being light, it still is able to supply all the power you require to puncture trees and also arm or legs.

By far, among the most excellent aspects of this power saw is its ability to hone itself while out in the job. It occurs within a matter of seconds. The PowerSharp Developing system is turned on by merely pulling a bar. Imagine, no more downtime due to a boring blade.

Anyone that has actually ever struggled to start their chainsaw will appreciate how straightforward this is. It will certainly start promptly without bothering with blending oil or using a pull-cord. The brushless electric motor is made to supply power and also torque. It is fantastic that the battery is designed to provide constant power up till it is time to bill it again. The 16-inch bar is appropriate for almost any task.

Including in the convenience of use is the tool-less chain stress system.

The red knob on the side of the chainsaw can be easily turned to accomplish the ideal degree of tension.

There are three different battery choices with this chainsaw, with the 6.0 Ah being the most significant and longest lasting. With it, you can make up to 600 cuts of regarding 2-3 ″. Pretty outstanding! This is the most effective power saw for cutting firewood based on our factors above. If you’re looking for something easy to use, maintain and also something that get’s the task done then look no further.

Makita XCU03PTX1

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Utilizing two 18v LXT batteries, this cordless power saw delivers as much power as you require. When it is time to recharge, both batteries can be done at the same time with the included twin charger. If you are in a hurry, you will certainly love the quick fee attribute on these batteries.

For people concerned about just how much sound they make, this chainsaw is just one of the quietest ones you will ever discover. Include the truth that there are absolutely no emissions and also you have a very user-friendly tool.

This chainsaw is also able to have its tension adjusted with no devices. Similar to most cordless power saws, maintenance is a breeze. There is no oil to stress over. You additionally do not have to worry about an unclean air filter or muffler. Best of all, you never have to stress over draining out any kind of remaining gas prior to putting it away.

Remarkably effective, this power saw has an electric motor that supplies 1,650 FPM. They in some way achieve that with no exhausts and also while keeping the noise to a minimum.

 This chainsaw comes outfitted with a 12-inch bar, which is great for getting involved in tough to reach locations.

By consisting of a brush-less 4.5 ″ angle grinder, Makita has actually provided you a lot more methods to do the job. This is a great purchase for any individual curious about filling out their tool collection.

Zombi ZCS5817

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Anyone that wants the capacity of a gasoline-powered chainsaw without the problem need to consider this Zombi model. Utilizing a brushless electric motor, 4.0 Ah battery, and also 16-inch bar, this device can deal with nearly anything you throw at it. The battery and charger are both included with your purchase.

Zombi made numerous security factors to consider for this item. By consisting of a hand guard and safe beginning button, the dangers associated with making use of a power saw are considerably reduced. For your convenience, they have utilized an ergo-mesh hold.

By including a handy chainsaw device to tune up your saw, they have made life quite easy. Is it as hassle-free as the tool-less versions previously discussed? Probably not. Some people may like being able to tune themselves, and there is an integrated area in all-time low of the power saw for the chainsaw device.

For peace of mind, this power saw comes with a 5-year minimal service warranty in addition to a 2-year service warranty on the battery pack and also battery charger.

By checking out the building of this chainsaw, it is easy to see it lasting for many years ahead.

This power saw conveniently comes up to similarly sized ones that are gas or electrical when it involves power. It quickly surpasses them when it concerns comfort.

VANITY Power+ CS1600

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Being easy to begin as well as keep is simply the start of attributes on this cordless chainsaw. The 56vLi-Ion battery uses a monstrous amount of power. It comes outfitted with a high-efficiency brush-less motor that is amazingly peaceful.

Weighing in at simply under 9 pounds, this chainsaw is very easy to get where you need it to. Like others on the list, the VANITY Power+ features a tool-less chain tension system. It includes the 16-inch Oregon bar as well as a chain that will certainly cut through points easily.

Any person with experience using a power saw will understand just how terrific the chain kickback brake is. Made to stop injuries, this is a safety and security feature every power saw must come with.

This power saw can use the exact same battery as any other EGO power device. Examples of devices with suitable batteries consist of the VANITY lawn mower, hedger, and snow blower. Be sure to take note when ordering this or any power saw online.

If it is provided as a "bare device" the battery as well as battery charger will certainly not be consisted of.

For those concerned concerning resilience, this power saw likewise comes with a 5-year limited warranty. If you choose to buy it with the battery and battery charger, they have a 3-year limited warranty. This device is made to be weather-resistant.

Greenworks CS40L210

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This is the only choice on the checklist that comes with a 14-inch bar. The chain it includes appropriates for medium to hefty use. It is one more lightweight choice, being just under 10 pounds. One more wonderful thing about this power saw is the handle. It’s a wraparound handle, which is extra comfortable to hold and also less complicated to regulate.

The battery is highly reliable and can cut up to 100 times in one cost. On top of that, the 2 Ah battery can be charged in simply an hour. If you make a decision to opt for the 4 Ah battery, it takes will take 2 hrs to charge.

Not having the tool-less chain stress system is the only little drawback to this item. Rather, there is side accessibility to tighten up or loosen the chain. There is an automatic oiler, that makes up for any kind of lost convenience with the tension. They do include an oil-view home window.

This power saw is instead quiet, in spite of being powerful.

It is excellent for dropping little trees as well as chopping up fire wood.

It would be an excellent enhancement to any type of home owner’s toolkit. Given that it features an in-depth instruction manual, this would certainly also be a fantastic buy for a newbie power saw user.

Finest Power Saw For Firewood Purchaser’s Overview

When out there for a cordless chainsaw, there are a few considerations to remember. There is a fair bit of range in battery life, power, and features so cautious study is needed prior to making your final acquisition. Below is a recap of a few of the greatest elements to keep in mind.


How much power you can get out of your power saw will certainly rely on the voltage. You can find some that have less than 36-volt, which is truly only ideal for little cuts, all the way up to 80-volt. It is very important to understand just how much muscle you need out of your power saw.

Although battery-operated power saws have a track record for being the weakest available. They can be plenty effective for light cutting as well as trimming as well as cutting.


Preferably, your brand-new power saw will have Lithium-Ion batteries. The various other alternative, Nickel-Cadmium, is losing popularity. That is because Lithium-Ion batteries will not lose power as the batteries get low, where Nickel-Cadmium ones will. The various other factor you desire Lithium-Ion is these batteries will charge much, much quicker.

The length of time you can use your chainsaw will certainly depend upon the amp hrs offered by the battery. This is one more reason to provide cautious factor to consider to the methods you will certainly be utilizing your power saw.


As a result of the fact that you are caring the source of power with you, cordless chainsaws can be much heavier than corded electrical ones.

 If you are not an experienced woodchopper, you may battle bring around a heavy power saw on a lengthy work.

Before getting your power saw, make certain to have a look at the specifications. The most crucial number below is weight with battery.

Ease of Use

To determine the ergonomics, it is best to do some study in an equipment store where you can in fact pick up some chainsaws. You are trying to find something that is easy to grasp. In addition, you want something that feels balanced.

Another element is just how fit you are. This may not appear crucial, yet just how well you can hold, maneuver, as well as handle the chainsaw will certainly depend on your strength.

 The power saw will primarily become an extension of your arm and also it needs to be a good suitable for you.

Even if 12 or 13 pounds does not feel like much, it might come to be tough to deal with after a couple of cuts. If your arms begin to really feel weak, you are at higher danger of injury.

Among the very best ways to determine how comfortable a power saw is to use is to read reviews online. This is a wonderful means to see how a range of people (different ages, health and fitness, gender) were able to take care of the chainsaw you are considering.

Overview Bar Size

The guide bar is determined from the very tip of the chain to where it disappears right into the real estate. Chainsaws can vary from 14-inch overview bars all the way approximately 36 inches. Commonly, battery-powered power saws can be found from 14 inches to 20 inches. The bar length represents the energetic cutting length for the power saw.

For this, you may presume bigger is much better, yet that isn’t constantly the situation. Some of the most effective ranked power saws have 14-inch bars. It actually depends upon where you will be utilizing it. For light fire wood cutting, trimming, and felling small-sized trees, 14 inches is all you need.

On the other hand, if you will certainly be dropping medium-sized trees or reducing medium sized fire wood, you will want to search in the 16 to 20-inch variety.

Do deny a larger power saw than you require. The bigger they are, the more challenging they are to take care of. This makes the threat of injury a lot greater, specifically as your arms begin to really feel tired.

Chain Tensioning

While not essential, discovering a chainsaw with a tool-less chain stress system can conserve you a lot of problem while functioning. If you do not have this feature, it will be important to bring a power saw tool or screwdriver with you whenever using your chainsaw.

If you are in the center of the timbers cutting up a tree, it will certainly be far more practical to transform a knob than remove a tool. Nevertheless, exactly how large of a deal this is will truly depend on individual preferences. If your chainsaw does not have tool-less chain tensioning, look for one that is side-mounted. This is far more hassle-free to make use of.

Automatic Bar Oiler

Without oil, the chain on your chainsaw will certainly not last long. The metal-on-metal rubbing of the chain on the bar can quickly damage it. Oil works as a lubricating substance to maintain whatever moving efficiently.

An automatic oiler suggests you do not have to fret about this. It will use oil to the chainsaw constantly. The only worry you will have is ensuring the chainsaw doesn’t lack oil.

If you purchase a saw without this, be sure to quit usually to use oil.

Whether the oil is applied automatically or otherwise, search for an item with a translucent storage tank. This way, you are never ever captured unsuspecting when you are running low on oil.


The most effective corded chainsaw will certainly be developed to last. After all, these products are not economical. If you are getting a power saw for routine use, such as cutting firewood, seeing to it is made from long lasting materials is a must. Some chainsaws promote that they are weather-resistant, which is a good touch. This usually means that they are resistant to water damage and also corrosion.

Along the very same lines, make certain your power saw comes with a suitable warranty. The average array is in between 2 to 5 years. Some cheaper power saws will certainly come with a 1-year guarantee, but that is generally a great indication that it is terribly made.


There are thousands of chainsaw mishaps yearly in the United States. In order to make certain you aren’t among them, look for a power saw with an anti-kickback chain. This can greatly lower your opportunity of entering contact with your chain.

Having a case or sheath to carry it in can likewise minimize unexpected cutting. A trigger lockout is an additional fantastic function. It makes you press a different hand switch prior to the throttle trigger will certainly engage.

You need to likewise stock up on security equipment when getting your cordless power saw.

Things like eye protection, heavy-duty gloves, and ear defense can conserve you some pain down the line.

In several cities or towns, power saw security courses are offered. If you are concerned regarding utilizing your power saw, check online to see if that is something in your area.

For even more pointers when reducing firewood with a power saw securely take a look at this great article from stihl.


Going right along with safety and security is upkeep. One of the very best things about cordless saws is they require a lot less maintenance than gas power saws. That does not indicate they can be disregarded.

It is important to ensure your chain is sharp, has the correct stress, and also remains oiled. This accelerates reducing along with minimizing kickback. This will likewise reduce the wear-and-tear on the chain.

If investing a lot of time preserving your power saw is not something that appears appealing, try to find functions developed to do it for you instead.

Points like self-sharpening systems, automatic oilers, and also tool-less chain tensions systems can make servicing your power saw a breeze.

Last Thoughts

As you can see establishing the most effective chainsaws for reducing fire wood for you will rely on your designated usages.

It may be a good suggestion to go out and determine some of the trees or arm or legs you are planning on cutting. In this way, you are not approximating how long of a bar you need and also just how effective of a motor. You need to also have a pretty good idea of just how much cutting you intend on carrying out in one stretch.

By knowing exactly what your requirements are, you will remain in a great placement to purchase the best chainsaw for you.

If you’re searching for a best chainsaws for cutting firewood be sure to review our purchasers guide.